Colorpulse is an electronic music project by John Boswell.

The debut full-length Colorpulse album, Escaping the Tangle, is now available! Most of the songs are available here for free, but the album contains four unreleased tracks. It's a digital only sale for now (no hard copies), and is now on iTunes and Amazon MP3. See below for track listing, purchase link and artwork:

Colorpulse - Escaping the Tangle - $8.99

A wistful trip through a melancholy electronic soundscape, full of shimmering melodies, organic ambiance, and bristling beats that will tickle the brain.

-- From Escaping the Tangle: --

1. Introspective Automatron
2. The Slow Dance of Golden Lights
3. Little Brave Young Boy
4. Sodium Lights
5. Digital Evening
6. Moon Zither
7. Amoeba Lake
8. Sri Lanka
9. The Helium King
10. Escaping the Tangle
11. Snow in the Lowlands
12. Aboard a Grand Vessel
13. Scenes Gone By

-- Other Songs --

Rushing Up from the Depths
Peering into the Abyss
Strange Texture Day
Ablaze in the field of dasies
Taking the Plunge
Shimmering Ribbons
The Rain Bird
Our Kingdom in the Sand
Life is a Perfect Videogame
Welcome to Axis 5
Unroof Your Brain

Download All Tracks (100 MB)

See my Youtube page for more!

Ali G - The Science Rap
Video link

Get Pitted - A Surfer's Remix
Video link

Journey to the Moon (Apollo 11 Moon Landing Remixed)
Video link

The Big Farm in the Sky (Ode to a Late Pet)
Video link

Alan Watts - The Real You
Video link

Feeling Chilled - The Snuggie Remix

Billy Mays - the Auto-Tune Infomercial Ballad (ft. Scatman John)
Video link

Looking for Carl Sagan - A Glorious Dawn? It's now part of an ongoing project of mine, called the Symphony of Science. Go to the website to download the song!

A Jazzy Holiday Jam (O Little Town of Bethlehem & White Christmas)

Auto-tune the News #2 Piano Rendition MP3 (Composed by the Gregory Brothers)

Auto-tune the News #6 Piano Rendition MP3 (Composed by the Gregory Brothers)

Piano and Accordion Duet MP3

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All music composed, performed, and recorded by John D. Boswell
except where indicated
2010 Colorpulse
Cover art illustration by Dillon Vessels

Youtube Page

Equipment Used:

Reason 4.0
Adobe Audition 3.0
Fruity Loops Studio 7
Yamaha digital piano
Epiphone electric guitar
Taylor acoustic guitar
Hohner Accordion

Check out my other musical project, the Symphony of Science, which aims to spread scientific knowledge and philosophy through musical remixes!