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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare: Designing Weapon Classes

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a great first person shooter that allows the player a lot of opportunity for customization. Unlike other online games of the same nature like Lost Planet, Gears of War, and the Halo series Call of Duty 4 allows a player to choose their weapons before a match even begins, much like real war you could choose to be the team’s sniper, demolitions expert, heavy arms expert or infantry. Each class in Call of Duty can be customized to fit a players needs or a teams needs so here is a guide on how to design a perfect style of weapons class for almost any occasion.

Sniper Class –

This is a type of class you may only want to use if you are competing in a team style match. Snipers are great a long range, but need teammates to watch their backs. When choosing a gun to use as a sniper you’ll be faced with two good prospects. The first is a five shot bolt action rifle. This gun has really good stats, and has the highest accuracy of any of the rifles, the problem is that it’s slow. The 50 caliber rifle is nice because of it’s fast fire rate, but the accuracy suffers, so the player has preference here.

For perks you want to have something like, Claymores as number 1, Stopping Power as number 2 and Iron Lung as number 3. Claymores are a snipers best friend as they will alert you to enemy presence when they go off, and will also take out enemy units trying to sneak up on you. Stopping Power is just an addition to your overall power as a sniper to ensure 1 hit kills, and Iron Lung will allow you to hold your breath for a longer period of time during a shot to ensure optimum accuracy. The Overkill perk is an option here, allowing you to carry 2 weapons, but after using it for a bit you’ll see how useless it becomes, because in the heat of battle there is really no time to switch weapons, and in close quarters the Dessert Eagle will do just fine.

Demolitions Class –

This class is all about blowing stuff up. Your gun should be something relatively heavy and hold a lot of ammunition, like the M60 or the Saw. This will allow you to cover your men up close and save you reload time as you plant explosives and hunt the enemy down in close quarters. As the Demolition expert you’ll be in charge of fortifying key locations on the map by either planting C4 or Claymores. Also you may want to replace Claymores or C4 with the extra grenade perk which will allow you to carry three grenades rather then one.

For perks you may want something like this, Perk 1 Claymores, C4 or extra Grenades, Perk 2 Explosive damage to increase the range and damage of your explosions, and Perk 3 Endurance so you can run long distances for quicker plants and to escape a nasty situation.

Heavy Arms Class –

These are the guys, like Rambo, who rip machine guns from tanks and use them to maul down opposing forces. This class is going to use the heavy machine guns like the M60 with extra ammo and possibly the Juggernaught perk. As a heavy arms expert you’ll be in charge of defending key locations from the waves of enemies and also defending objectives like flags, computers and such while your team sets up for the win. Find a good place to camp, with a clear view of a room, street, corridor, ect. and then just wait as the enemy comes to you.

The perks you’ll want to use are, RPG, Juggernaught, and Steady Aim. The RPG perk will go great with the heavy machine guns you carry and work wonders for taking down enemy helicopters as they appear. The Juggernaught will make sure it’s a lot harder to take you out, increasing your health, and the Steady Aim is almost essential while using a machinegun due to the amount of recoil.

Infantry Class –

These are the guys who will do the most grunt work on a team, or by themselves. The infantry will be the soldiers who capture bases, flags, and so on, and will also be the men on the front lines trying to scout and eliminate enemy positions. The best weapons for the infantry class are the M16, M4 and AK47. The M16 shows to be the most consistent gun in the game, with stats that look nice all the way around, while the M4 and AK47 are all about power and automatic fire.

Perks you’ll want to use are extra grenades, stopping power, and steady aim. The extra grenades are going to be amazingly efficient at clearing out enemy locations and killing sniper nests and you’ll have three to play with rather then one and this the whole gameplay story of a newly launced game of situs baccarat online terpercaya. Stopping power just ups the chance of a one hit kill with any weapon you have equipped and will ensure that the enemy goes down quick. Steady aim is more of an essential if using the M4 or the AK47 just because of the slight recoil they have, it also works to increase the accuracy and killing potential of the M16 as well. You may also want to consider the Endurance perk as well for running longer distances.

Call of Duty 4 has almost limit less combinations of weapons, and perks but the above seem to be the most playable and effective in Modern Warfare.

The Most Essential World of Warcraft Add-ons

In most games, it’s frowned upon to try and add on features that make the game easier, especially if these features make play more difficult or unfair for other players. Most of the games that are available to play on DominoQQ, don’t really require a lot of strategy building or tactics but are still quite enjoyable. Many of these are considered “hacks” simply because they alter the way the game is played, and are against the rules of the game.

In WoW, Blizzard actually recommends that you modify the game to improve your game play and improve your game experience. WoW is such an expansive and mind blowing game, that in order to see the game to the fullest you’re really going to want to install addons to make game play easier, more organized, less frustrating, or more fulfilling. Blizzard has a complete list of hundreds of addons for the game available in several different locations, but the primary location I prefer to download these addons from is, simply for the organization and search features for addons. All of the addons I list in this article can be downloaded directly from, simply search the name I list for the addon.

There are definitely necessary addons out there, some which will help you level, some which will organize certain features of the game, and some which are just awesomely convenient and will speed up game play or help you to understand an aspect of the game. I have listed some of the addons which I’ve been using for months and months, and are completely safe as well as crucial to enhancing your game play.

Quest Helper is by far the most common addon, and one of the most necessary addons in the game. If you’ve ever played WoW and done quests, you know that some quests may be difficult to find, some may challenge you in the wording, etc. Quest Helper completely even eliminates the need to read through these quests in most cases. Quest Helper is a complete data base of every quest in the game. When you get new quests, Quest Helper will place nodes on your map, as well as a path to follow to complete all quests in the most efficient manner. Quest Helper also integrates with other players in your party. If you would like to, you can see their quests and progress in each. This addon is completely amazing and I would strongly recommend downloading it to see the full use of each of its ultimately convenient features. When it comes to questing and leveling, this is by far the best addon available.

Cartographer is another awesome addon which I would recommend to anyone. There are no limitations as to who can use cartographer. This awesome addon unlocks the whole map for you. You no longer need to explore areas to see what lies in wait before you. Not only that, but this awesome addon gives you maps of every instance, including notes and tips of what to do in the instance, as well as nodes as to where each and every boss is, and what their name is. Another great feature of the addon is that when you pull up your map, it’s not full screen and you’re able to move about and chat like normal while the map is up. It also shows the level of mobs in any zone when moused over, as well as what instances are there and what levels are recommended for each of them.

Atlas Loot is quite a popular addon to most people as well. It’s great for determining drops in instances, crafting designs, etc. If you need to look up the materials needed for anything; be it leatherworking, blacksmithing, or enchanting, you can look it up in atlas loot while in game, as well as provide links by shift-clicking and so on. You can also look up the drops from every boss in every instance, as well as the drop rates, and so on. If you need to look up pvp rewards and pvp arena sets, this is also a great place to do it, every pvp and arena reward in the game is listed and linked in this awesome looting system.

Auctioneer is a less known of addon, but is by far one of the best addons I have ever used. It has made me hundreds of gold, and is great for anyone who wants to know the price of anything in the game, as well as browse the auction house with many more options and a whole lot more searching power. Prepare to make gold the easy way after downloading this awesome addon. View my “gold making” article for more information on how to make gold using this addon with a few other strategies.

Now to the smaller, more organizational addons. OneBag is an addon which is quite convenient, but not completely necessary. This addon combines all of your bags into one customizable interface. It keeps from having bag clutter and makes organization of your bags much easier. I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to remain organized and hates their bags opening up half of the screen. This bag interface is extremely customizable as well; from the color and size to the transparency.

Mail Notifier is extremely useful for anyone who uses mail excessively, and for any fellow auctioneer. This addon has several convenient tweaks to it which make mail much more easy. Now, when you get a new mail, you’ll hear a notification sound, and when you have more than one new mail, the number will be displayed across the mail icon on your minimap. Another excellent feature about this program is the fact that you can auto loot items and gold in your mail now, instead of clicking on each of them, you can just shift-click the mail and you will automatically loot everything attached to the mail.

Well, those are all of the addons I recommend to any general player. Of course there are class-related addons which you can download at as well, and I recommend checking these out and at least giving them a try, accordingly with your class, because several of them will make life much, much easier. Good luck, and have fun using your addons to enhance and ease your play time!

How to Win at Video Poker

Here are some tips for how to increase your chances of winning at Video Poker slot machines or pkv gmes and how to keep your money once you win it:

  1. Set a firm limit for how much you are willing to play and then stick to it. If it’s less than $500, don’t expect to win a lot of money unless you are very lucky. Part of winning is to play for a long time.
  2. When you arrive at a casino, sign up and get a “Players Card” immediately. It often gives you discounts on food, “free play” money to use while gambling and the ability to earn points to spend in restaurants and shops even if you don’t win. It also can score you free hotel rooms for you and your friends in the future! Then get one of those handy card holders to attach to it so you don’t lose the darn thing! And use it EVERY time you play.
  3. Not all video poker machines are the same! Pick one with a 9/6 payout for a full house/straight. Look in the first payout column on the left to see if it pays 9 units for a full house and 6 for a straight. If not, push the “More Games” button to find a game that does. If you can’t find one, switch machines. This will increase your chances of getting a royal flush from 1/45,000 to 1/40,000. (Which explains why I have never gotten one yet!) But it also pays better for smaller wins along the way. Jacks or Better is easy to learn and often pays 9/6 on Double Bonus Poker.

  4. Play the max number of units each hand, if you can, to win big. Be careful of those $5 machines, though, which can lose you $25 per hand. 50 cent, $1 and $2 machines are the best to play, in my opinion. I like the $1 ones because I can more easily figure out what i just won without multiplying units in my head! (e.g. 28 50 cent units is…. whereas 28 $1 units is….easy!)
  5. Make sure you know and understand the strategy of which cards to keep. Don’t feel stupid if you need “cheat notes” at first! It’s not a race and you can take your time. But hopefully you have played enough Texas Hold’em before arriving at the casino that you have the basic idea. Remember that with “Jacks or Better” you win your bet back with only two matching high cards, “Jacks or Better.” Take your time and study each hand until you are sure that you are discarding the cards that will give you the best chance of winning. You can download “cheat notes” or “strategy cards” from this website as well as many others. Or you can buy small strategy cards in the casino gift shops.
  6. There’s a reason why casinos serve you free drinks while you are gambling! ESPECIALLY if you are drinking, have a trusted partner near you or reachable by phone nearby who will come share your joy when you win and take your big winnings above the amount you were willing to play up to your hotel room or to another safe place where you can’t get to it easily! Otherwise it’s just too easy to put it all back into the machine, hoping for an even bigger win…which might not happen. If you are alone, take it up to your room (hopefully a far jaunt) and then come back down if you plan to continue playing.
  7. When you stop having fun, STOP PLAYING. If you are upset at losing your money and not winning and are nearly to your limit or even over it, STOP. This is easier said than done. Perhaps it will help if you just imagine how you will feel later that day if you keep playing and losing versus how you will feel if you stop and go have a nice dinner, go bowling, see a show, etc. instead of continuing to lose money.

Where are the best places to play? People can win everywhere, but off the Vegas Strip in some of the older casinos and hotels and in Laughlin, NV, have brought us the best luck. And it IS mostly luck, with a bit of skill thrown in.

Remember that bluffing doesn’t work with a machine!

One final piece of advice: for whatever reason, I have noticed that “sometimes I’m hot and sometimes I’m not.” I don’t know quite how to explain this, but I usually come home with several thousand in winnings or I have lost up to my limit and then decided to stop, disappointed and joking that I’ve “made my annual Nevada donation.” I also have had spurts of winning repeatedly at the same machine – which I have no idea how to explain! (Aren’t they timed, or something, to pay out every so often???)