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Basic Texas Holdem Strategy

Evaluating your hand strength against your opponents is the single most important factor in Texas Holdem. When you know you have the best hand you want to make use of value bets, and when you know your hand is beat, even if you may have a strong hand you want to know when you are beat. When someone is holding the best possible hand is referred to as the nuts. And the nuts can change with every street. For example, let’s say you have A10h and the flop comes 5,6,8 all hearts so you flop the nut flush. If the turn comes 7h and you make a bet and face a re-raise, you have to consider your opponent may have the 4h or 9h, which would make a straight flush.

When you have the nuts you should make nice size bets, usually about 2/3 of the pot so if your opponent has a drawing hand they need to pay to see another card. Where you can run into trouble is when you try and slow play a good hand and you have your opponent sucking out on you because they gave them free cards or they got to see additional cards too cheaply. By paying close attention to the board texture and recognizing when you have the best possible hand, you can avoid making costly mistakes. Also, to avoid such mistakes, make sure to practice and play on reliable sites like asikqq.

Importance of position

Position is a huge thing in Texas Holdem. When you have position on the other players it means you are on the button and you get to act last. Acting last in a hand is a huge advantage because you get to evaluate the strength of the other hands before it is your time to act. For example, in a 6-max ring game if everyone limps into the pot with a raise, you have the knowledge that most likely every player wants to see the flop cheap and have pretty mediocre starting hands. You can consider a raise to try and win a small pot. What starting hands you play has a lot to do with position. When in early position you need to open with a raise with a much narrower range of hands then what you would do in late position. This is because you don’t have the chance to evaluate the strength of the other hands so you could face a re-raise and be forced to fold your hand if your hand isn’t very strong.

Don’t overestimate suited starting hands

When you have two cards of the same suit it improves your hand, but the mistake many beginners tend to make is they overplay their suited hands. A flush is a very strong hand but the probability of getting a flush is quite low. I like to play suited connectors and suited high cards. But a hand like 24 suited is not a very good starting hand and you should probably just throw it away pre flop.

High cards are much better starting cards than low cards

The rank of cards is basically what Texas Holdem is all about. If you have QQ this is a very good starting hand but if a K or A hits on the flop, you are probably beat. You should play high cards much more aggressively then low cards, because if you hit top pair, you most likely have the best hand. For example, if you have KJ, and your opponent has 67, and both of you hit a pair on the flop, you have the better hand because you have the high cards.

Is Online Poker Rigged – Get the correct information

We have all questioned the fairness and integrity of online poker at one point or another. These thoughts are often provoked by unfortunate runs of cards and horrifically bad beats. For some of us, the thought of online poker as completely fair is impossible. This would go against our internal belief that we are all winning players. It is far easier to dismiss poker as a rigged game than it is to admit that we are subject to bad runs of cards and variance. More importantly, that we may actually have negative expected value over the long term. Several features of poker lead players to question the game’s integrity – some for good reason. The topics discussed below may help justify unusual hands at the poker table and hopefully put your mind at ease.

At the Judi online site, the management of the risks and money is essential. The spending of the money from the budget will provide the benefit to have more cash. The use of the right skills will offer more profits to the online gamblers. There is an improvement in the winning chances at the platform. 

Ultimate Bet/Absolute Poker

Starting off on a sad note, some online poker sites may possibly be rigged. Some shady play recently occurred at Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker involving a “super-user”. This user was able to see the hole cards of everyone at the table and play accordingly. Crushing tournament after tournament he drew a lot of attention to himself and was uncovered by fellow players tracking his performance. In fact his excessive winning streak and unbelievable laydowns drew too much attention. If he had simply blended in better his scheme would still be going on today. Below is a win rate distribution clearly identifying the super-user.


Winning poker is nothing more than the application of small advantages over a long period of time. In a game of such meager edges, fluctuations in profit will occur. The statistical measure of your results dispersed is known as variance. For most players variance is a scary word as it is thought of as the swings in bankroll. If you notice, “variance” is almost never discussed when a player is winning – only when a player incurs steep losses and bad runs of cards. People tend to remember when they have been the victim of bad beats and coolers much more so than when their hands have held up.

Bad Beats

For as long as poker has been around bad beats have been occurring frequently. Bad beats occur when a massive underdog hits a miracle card or running cards to win a hand. Although you might think pocket aces should win all the time, they don’t. In fact seven-two off-suit will beat pocket aces 12.74% of the time all in pre-flop. If the worst hand in poker beats the best hand thirteen times out of one-hundred be prepared for the often unimaginable happening. Good players know that poker is a game of small edges. They also know that bad beats are what trick weak players into thinking they can beat the game.


Imagine calling a big raise pre-flop with a small pocket pair against what you believe to be an over-pair. While you are clearly behind preflop, you are probably getting the right implied odds post flop if you hit your hand. The dealer lays down the flop of three cards and you magically hit bottom set. Your opponent, the initial preflop raiser, bets out just over half the pot. You look at your stack and stall before shoving over the top all-in. The raiser looks up and insta-calls snapping over a set of his own. You have officially been “coolered”, since a set on a safe board is ahead of everything except a higher set. Coolers happen in poker, since some hands you just can’t get away from. Set over set occurs just one in ninety-eight times. In the long run these types of coolers won’t negatively affect your bottom line. Theoretically, you will set over set someone else half the time to balance things out.

Cashout Curse

The “cashout curse” is one of the most widely criticized aspects of online poker. The belief is that online poker rooms rig the cards immediately after a player cashes out a sizeable amount of money. While this sounds like a possible scenario it is most certainly not occurring. The more likely culprit is a change in the way you play after cashing out. Most players tend to play much looser and many more starting hands after cashing out. Playing with the houses money tends to loosen up new players. Playing a wider range of hands with a limited bankroll leaves less margin for error. Cashing out money usually leaves the player with the limited bankroll prone to variance.

First Deposit Runs

This type of scenario occurs when a new player starts off poker with a huge winning streak, often doubling their bankroll or better. Skeptical poker players tend to think that new players experience first deposit runs as a way to keep them from being crushed immediately. First deposit runs tend to occur because new players are taking a lot of chances and playing loose. Secondly, these deposits are subject to a one-hundred percent deposit bonus. This extra bankroll padding allows these players to take added risk, pushing sub optimal holdings. Again, nobody ever hears about a new player depositing and losing everything since its almost expected. We tend to remember only things that go against the odds.

Although many people still claim otherwise, online poker is not rigged. Poker websites make multi-millions of dollars off the rake they take in. Absolutely no incentive exists for them to push things further and risk losing their online business all together by rigging cards. Instances of cheating would immediately crush their business model by driving away all players playing at their site. Simply put, why risk losing a thing that is already making your rich many times over. If you still are skeptical, just take a look at card monitoring programs like Poker Tracker. Even this sophisticated program couldn’t statistically conclude that online poker cards were anything but random. Online poker has had setbacks and isolated instances of cheating by super-user accounts, but the integrity of randomness has never wavered. In fact, reliable poker sites like Full Tilt and PokerStars may be more secure and fair than brick and mortar poker rooms. Next time someone tries to tell you online poker is rigged, tell them that it is rigged – for the good players.

Become A Winning Poker Player – Follow the tricks

Only a small percentage of online poker players are consistent winners. The reason the majority of online players are either losing, break even, or marginal winning players is because they lack applying one of the fundamental rules which are required to be a winning poker player.

If you want to become successful at judi slot site, then you should follow the tips and tricks. The number of winners is increasing at the platform due to the availability of more rewards. The consistent players are improving the skills to get the desired results. The use of the best skills will offer many winning opportunities to the gamblers. 


This is the most important factor in differentiating a winning player from a losing player (although tilt is very important too). I cannot stress it enough. Being disciplined means following all the below things without wavering. It means not punishing yourself when you get a couple bad beats by going on tilt. It also means having the discipline not to treat poker as a hobby but a business designed to make money.

Learn one poker variant and master it

Focus all your effort on learning one specific type of poker. This is a big one, lots of beginning players jump around to wherever there mood takes them that particular day: they might go from limit ring to limit tournies to shorthand, to multi-table tournies, to no limit, and then randomly play some heads up when they think they’ve found a “fish”. This is NOT good, stick to one thing like holdem and master it. This is similar to wanting to spread your skills between the different games like omaha, hold’ em, and stud. Some players justify it by saying, “I want to be flexible so I can play at any table in the country”. However, this is unnecessary as there always plentiful games of whatever you want available online. You do not want to be a “jack of all trades”, you want to be a Poker Master, hold’ em specifically because everyone plays it so you never have trouble getting action.

Don’t play when on tilt

When you find yourself playing noticeably different to how you would normally play then you have to consider if you are on tilt, it without a doubt can have an impact on your game if you let it. Some players tilt into playing loose aggressive and others into tight passive/scared, figure out which you are. Winning players don’t allow tilt to cut into their profits. You can read more on preventing and dealing with tilting in poker.

Multi table

Break down your tables into the smallest possible denominations. For example, don’t play 2-tables of 50nl play 4-tables of 25nl. The amount of skill you lose by playing more tables is more than compensated by the decrease in skill of the other players by playing a lower limit. Also by playing more hands at lower limits you spread out the variance of bad luck because you are playing more hands per hour. Figure out the optimal number of tables when multi-tabling to maximize your win rate.

Don’t play with an insufficient bankroll

This rule is immensely important, not having a large enough bankroll is catastrophic. Be sure to play within your bankroll. Playing with 30 buy ins is a good number if you are playing poker cash games. Often times beginners will move up limits way too fast! I am all about pushing one’s self but you still need to be cautious. Winning poker players play well within their bankroll, which makes them desentized to tilt because they are always only playing with a small percentage of their bankroll.

Play with a good state of mind

Never play intoxicated, it lowers your inhibitions and play level (most of us can empathize with this one). Similarly, never play poker if you are in a bad mood or under a significant amount of stress. It does not cheer you up if you are down, it only complements a good mood. Winning players will quit the poker session when they stop being in the mood to play poker.

Best Roulette Game Bonuses No Deposit

The Straight Up bet is when you place a bet on one of the numbers and pays 35-1. The inside bets offer the greatest odds to the roulette player. You should remember only one entry per person is permitted and players found to have entered more than once will be disqualified and refunded in full. situs poker online is a common activity now a days. This is because poker is very easy to understand and play and allows the bettor to earn money only if he or she is well aware of all the rules. It is easy and safe to play this game online. Let’s take the sounds for example – no matter if it is the croupier calling out or the sound of the spinning ball, if you mix it with all the rest of the noise that is present at any land-based casino, you see why you can’t get much out of it, which is not the case in online roulette.

And believe me, it is also a wonderful tool for teaching individuals new to the online game how to become a good experienced players. By doing so, you will learn that American roulette has a rather incontrovertible house edge and this is something that certainly couldn’t change on the Internet. Besides, you can always have a notebook full of roulette strategies next to you without anyone hassling you. The difference between them lies in the structure of the roulette wheel. Nowadays with the development of online gambling both types of Roulette game are available to gamblers all over the world.

Online roulette games give you the option to repeat the bet on the same numbers again for the next spin. Unless you play online roulette where the game has been blatantly fixed, you will have exactly as much success and failure as at the casino roulette table. Depending on where you will place your chips, you can bet on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 12 or 18 numbers. In order to increase house odds a second zero, “00″, was introduced. That way the chips in your hand will be put on the table.

In the double dozen roulette bet version, two dozen bets are used and half the stake list size that applies for the single version. Split Bet – it means that you place your bet on the line between any two numbers. In Roulette each player buys-in a different colored chips so their bets don’t get mixed up, and at the end of play, if you won, you exchange back the colored chips with cash chips, which are special chips with the value amount printed on them, and also have several denominations in various colors. There is an 83% probability that in thirty-eight spins, the ball will land on red at least fifteen times. Roulette game wheel, which has 37 or 38 separately numbered pockets in which a ball must land.

Attempting to find out information about roulette game

Locate these pages for roulette game related information:, keno guide, casino card game

Video Poker Slot Machines Jokers Wild Perfect Game Novices

For some people, beginning with poker does it for them, or probably they head to the live roulette wheel or the craps table. For others however, the best kind of gambling and one of the most fun is the Best One-armed Bandit! Dealing with one-armed bandits is something that can go a lengthy method towards allowing you enjoy gambling on your own, and you will quickly discover that there is a great deal to be stated for enjoying those numbers and icons acquire alongside each various other!

For some people, this is one of the purest kinds of gambling. Points actually are random, and you will discover that there are a variety of different things that you could do Win at Slot Machines, but there’s no one betting versus you. Video Poker is a video game that calls for some ability to play and bridges the void in between slot equipment and table games for many players.

Beat the Slots Poker Course – Critical Review

When you look at the Beat the Slots Poker Course, you’ll find that actually, there truly are Utilized Slot Machines systems that you could utilize to legally beat the slot machines! You’ll discover the pointers and methods that let you win big every time, and when you are considering the rivals, you will discover that there are truly none worthy of the name. There is a reason this Online Slot Machines Training Course is so preferred and why people speak highly of it.

The information about the video slot is the correct and accurate one at sbobet wap. The registration at the right betting site will bring more bonuses to the bettors. The reasons for betting at the platform are wide for the benefit of the online bettors. 

Fun you have when it comes right to it. When you seek fun, simply sheer unadulterated excellent fun, why most likely to the craps tables, or the trik bermain poker online tables, when everyone is so dangerous major when you can visit the Casino Slot Machines? Why handle people that take things too seriously and need to bother with what they think of you? You’ll locate that when you wish to wager privately yet win huge in a very showy way that you must take a look at what this training course can help you.

The best ways to Win at Poker Machines

The fact is that unless you take a look at this program, you are going to locate yourself at the mercy of destiny, and that is a truly poor area to be when you are considering gambling. Picking Beat the Slot machines trik bermain poker online Course can help you determine where you have to be and what you have to do to get the best type of arising from the ports. As you may have presumed, there truly is a science to selecting which one-armed bandit to utilize, when to reduce your losses and when making sure that you are mosting likely to be getting the appropriate sort of cash entailed, and this program will inform you all of it.

Online Casino Games Guide For Casino Lovers

Excited about playing casino games? Casino games are popular for the wide array of games and unlimited entertainment people derive through the games. Online websites offer enhanced gaming options allowing the players to understand the gaming strategies and get into their game with right skills. All online casinos explain the players the rules and regulations associated with each and every game they choose to play. It makes a big difference as people play the games both for fun and money.

The online betting singapore is offering a variety of games to the gamblers. The level of entertainment and fun is high at the platform and eliminates the need to go offline casino. The playing of the new and innovative games will increase the bank balance with real cash and rewards.

Casino Gaming Procedures

Online games have increased in numbers and casinos are no exception for offering people the gaming standards and entertainment they expect. With the advent of the Internet and related technologies, things have changed in a rapid fashion inviting folks to give a try to games spread all over the web. Casino games are in that way interesting and procedural from all points of view. A number of casinos offer games online through their websites. A variety of casino games including card games, random number games, table games and electronic games keep people excited. There are certain set of games that almost all casinos all over the world offer.

When you enter the casino websites, you need to sign up for the games. Some websites allow you to play games for free, while some websites ask for some initial deposit to sign up. But, you have bonuses when you sign up for games. Depending upon the package you choose, you can play different level of casino games in great style right from the place you are. Even if you are new to the game, you can go through the guidelines provided in the website to know and take part in the games. Depending on your skill levels and involvement, you need to choose games and gaming options. Playing the game sounds to be much exciting with best simulation effects. Both web based and download based games bring to you unlimited pleasure of gaming.

Benefits of Online Casino Games

Online casino games are easy to play and much effective. You can learn more about gambling and spend time online right from the place you are. It saves you money and time when you enter the best websites for playing different casino games. You can win bonuses and promotional offers and get the chance to take part in contests and online tournaments. You get to know what betting is and how you can make money through casinos. You can experience gambling and know the traditional aspects when you enter the websites. As gaming options are convenient you need not wait or struggle to get into the games you like.

If you are interested with online casinos, the right thing for you is to enter websites that offer casino games and play the games. You need to look for options and features that the games offer and choose the best websites. Online gaming options build up confidence in you and help you in improving your gaming skills in quick time. Play casino games and experience the real fun of gambling!!!

How To Calculate A Biased Roulette Wheel

This simple system of playing a biased roulette wheel to your advantage does take considerable time and perseverance to make it work but if you are a regular player at your local casino, it will reward you as long as the casino doesn’t realize it is a biased wheel.

For illustration, I will keep it simple and will only look at data on online betting Malaysia (those on just one number). The system can be made to work on other types of bet but this would require careful calculation.

For a straight-up bet, your odds are 35-1 and this is the amount you win when you make a winning bet.

To use this system you need to spend a lot of time making small bets and watching carefully to see if you are playing as a biased roulette wheel. This will take you some considerable and you will need to be sure you can afford the cost of a large number of required small bets to gain an understanding of the number sequences.

A Biased Roulette Wheel is one where the ball falls into a particular numbered pocket more often than the others on a consistent basis. this will always happen over some spins at one time, perhaps a few hours, but if it continues on various occasions and every time, then you have found a biased roulette wheel.

Once found, the only requirement is a large enough playing pool to cover enough bets until a win.

On average, over a number of occasions, all numbers would come up 1 in 38 times (on a European Roulette Table – 1 in 37).

On a biased roulette wheel, one or more numbers will however come up more often.

The difference between the number of spins for the number to come up and 35 (the odds on straight bets pay 35 -1) represents your winnings for each round of spins.

Suppose number 18 is coming up on average every 27 spins rather than the expected 38 spins. you would bet say $10 on number 18 every spin. By spin 26 you have lost $260 dollars but on spin 27, you win $350. a net win of $90 thanks to the biased wheel. When a table is quiet, you could get up to 60 spins an hour so this system represents a very lucrative visit to your local casino.

The reason the roulette wheel might be biased is unimportant to this system but it may be a loose divider between pockets, a slightly more worn part of the wheel, or a myriad of other reasons.

The vital fact, however, is that roulette wheels are expensive to replace so even where the casino is aware that it is a biased wheel, as long as the table is making overall, they often will not bother to replace it. As roulette wheels are used, just like everything in life, they begin to break down, occasionally a wheel will begin to wear out much faster than expected, and for a window of time, players can take advantage of the resulting bias.

Read That Poker Face

In our last post we saw how important is it to put on a poker face to avoid being crunched by a shark while playing head-on with your opponents in a live poker game, but only known to sit with an expressionless face is only a part of being anywhere close to a good poker player.

Merely having a poker face might not help you win those cash game sessions or a tournament with life-changing prize pools, reading other opponents especially experienced players is the key to a grand payday.

Poker tells as it is called are obvious and commonly observed in weak or new players, some are highly distinctive and vary greatly among individual players.

Every normal human body reacts to stress and excitement, and this triggers some visible reactions on the face or in the behavior.

* When a player looks at his or her hold cards.

* Every time a common card hits the table.

* When a player has to bet, check, or raise.

Unless you are playing with a player with some serious poker experience there’s a good chance they’re going to do or say something to give them away. It might be as simple as a raised eyebrows or a tap of the figure or maybe the look at the chip stakes trying to count, knowing how to read those subconscious signals, and how to react to them, can mean the difference between going home poor and cleaning up all the chips.

But these are only some of the common tells that can be read with just a little bit of knowledge or experience of playing with an amateur poker group. Cracking the hard-to-read tells of experienced and professional poker players requires practice and some serious concentration and is there to help you hone your skills to such an extent.

Some of the masters of the game recommend keeping a “tell notebook” to record the tells that they observe among players they encounter regularly. These notes are for your personal use only so it’s always good to write them in a way only you can understand. This way you can dominate those players in the future when they show up on your table.

The best way to test a tell is to play into it and see how the hand turns out. Whether you win or lose, you’ve learned some valuable information for your notebook. If the tell indicated strength but he or she folded under pressure, you probably just discovered his bluffing tell.

In an online poker game it’s very difficult to catch a bluff but Let’s focus on tells that most weak or new players often give out

Most of the time it’s weak players who tend to act aggressively when they have a bad hand, and very slow and protective till they turn when they have a good one.

Inexperienced players tend to look away when they are dealt a good hand.

Weak bluffers will try to stare down the other players.

Weak players will often give a very visible reaction to make other players believe that he is dealt the worst hand especially when they have a good one, they’re not smart enough to realize that it’s the oldest tell at the table.

A weak player will freeze or momentarily hold his or her breath when forced to bet or raise their weak hand.

There are countless tells to work on or to talk about to read that perfect poker face, but spending more time with good and quality players is the best thing an aspiring poker player can do.

Introduction To Bingo Lingo

Imagine training to be a bingo host it would be like having to learn a new language because of all of the bingo lingo. You need to be someone with a big personality to do the job well, and if you have never ventured into a bingo hall before you can become completely mesmerised with these short phrases which can seem very strange indeed.

It is a great tradition amongst the players who love the game and in many cases has not moved onto the online medium although some of the best bingo sites have kept the tradition. The idea behind it was to make the numbers much clearer in the environment, and still today talking is not well tolerated amongst the majority of players during a draw as to miss a number call can mean losing a prize.

When playing online the noise factor of course is different and on the best bingo sites you have a wealth of visual aids however the tradition is inherent to those who played in the halls. Also online the numbers are automatically daubed on your cards whereas in the halls you had to pay attention to mark off your numbers as they were called out.

But that hardly matters for the expert players as they are not bothered by any noise whatsoever because once they are into the game, they have eyes and ears for nobody but the play whether it is bandarqq or bingo, which has become even more enhanced ever since online ventures have gained popularity.

There is a nostalgic feel for veteran players if they can find these best bingo bonus sites which integrate the bingo lingo for them. To make the whole experience as authentic as possible these sites are getting bingo callers to record their calls to be used online. The beauty of this is that as we are no longer relying on the physical presence of the caller there is a vast choice of actors and actresses also who can be used who have different voices and accents, all of this bringing a richness and live quality to the online game.

What would you think if someone said Kelly’s eye to you? First of all you would think who is Kelly, unless of course you know someone by this name, and wonder if her eye was ok. Actually this means the number one in this strange, yet enticing lingo. Or if there was mention of a Knock at the Door, well most of us would want to go and see who is at the front door, but the in-crowd know that this means number four. Tony’s Den sounds like a dodgy place where some of the Eastend hoods might get together, but innocently enough it is only the number ten! We won’t give any prizes if you can guess the next one, as even a non player of the game with a little common sense may know what number is signified by the call Unlucky for Some. Yes, you got it right, it is indeed number thirteen. Which happens to rhyme with Sweet Sixteen which is another obvious one so we all know that as funny as the lingo is there is a good chance that will be the number sixteen. This one can bring back memories to many of us players and non-players alike, Goodbye-Teens. You remember departing for na-na-na nineteen into what used to be the distant twenties. So again a bit of logic here with this bingo call for nineteen. These are a few examples of what you can experience at some of the most integrated best bingo sites.

Basics Of Online Play For New Poker Players

Online poker today is gaining more popularity every single day with players from around the world enjoying different variations of poker all through the day on different 바둑이사이트 or mobile applications. Online poker only started in 1998 so it is relatively new. It was in the year 2005 that online poker actually became a big industry. With online poker, players can earn money if they are skilled and there are thousands of people that earn a substantial income each month just by playing poker.

Poker has always been an enjoyable game and poker professionals are celebrities in their own right. The type of players that can be found online consist of beginners and novices to professional players that participate in large events like the World Series of Poker. Most players prefer online poker since they can enjoy the game whenever they want. It is available throughout the day and night and can be enjoyed right from the comfort of your home. There are several variations of poker that can be found online which is great since players prefer a particular variation based on their level of skills and their comfort level with it.

Online etiquettes

In online poker, generally, the players would be seated as per the order in which they arrive. In several cases, players may be able to upload images or pictures for themselves. During the game, the players can take a few moments to think about their actions. However, it is necessary to maintain the general speed of the game. If they want to be away from their computer for some time, it is advisable to check the option for sitting out the next hand rather than simply leaving their computer in the middle of a game.

Free Play

There are several poker rooms today that also allow their players to play for free or for very low stakes. Several rooms, including Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, also offer freerolls without an entrance fee for beginners. Others offer incentives and free play money for practicing their skills before they play for real money. Poker is a game that can be learned and improved through experience and playing online gives players the chance to practice as much as they want. For loyal players, poker rooms also offer a wide range of rewards and bonuses. Go here to see some of the best deals.

Players that enjoy the online poker rooms today have the ability to win a good amount of money. These players are the new breed of professionals that often participate in high-end global poker tournaments by winning a seat through the satellite tournaments that regularly take place online. Online poker is also very safe since all poker rooms use strong security measures in order to protect their players from any unfair play or illegal practices. All of these factors have contributed to making online gaming as popular as it is today.