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The Best Baseball Teams Of All Times

Baseball is without doubt a sport with a lot of history behind it. There are so many legends which revolve around this sport, so many movies about baseball, that sometimes it seems hard to distinguish fact from fantasy. Still, one thing is certain and that is the top three baseball teams of all times. When talking about the very best in sport, debates are soon to appear, but in the end this is the beauty of this domain, the chance to argue about something that will never end, always defending your favorite team. In baseball, the rules are the same, but this top has the particularity to set aside the teams that have made history, winning championships, with famous baseball players. In a chronological order, here are the best teams of all times.

The year of 1941 and the New York Yankees

1941 was a season that the Americans enjoyed to the fullest, being the last one before the beginning of the second World War. The New York Yankees finished with a season record score of 101-54, this placing the famous team ahead their opponents, the Boston Red Sox by 17 games. With the skills of the amazing Joe DiMaggio, this team was bound to make baseball history. The baseball Hall of Fame is full of players, who made the New York Yankees team and who played in the ’41 season. Everyone has definitely heard of Ed Barrow, Bill Dickey, Lefty Gomez, Joe Gordon, Phil Rizzuto.

Cincinnati Reds, 1975

Competing with the Los Angeles Dodgers, The Cincinnati Reds managed to beat its opponents with a 20 games advantage, finishing the ’75 season with a score of 108-54. This team won the National League Championship Series and the Fenway Park, in Boston holds a great memory, the Cincinnati Reds played against the Red Soxs and made a score of 4-3 and winning the World Series. This was actually the team’s first World Series victory since 1940. In the strongest season, the Reds had Johnny Bench as the catcher, Tony Perez was first base and Joe Morgan second base. What made this team be considered as one of the best of all times was the fact that 41 games out of total of 50 were won and there were no mistakes in their defense for an entire month.

The Detroit Tigers, 1984

The score of the 1984 baseball season was definitely in the benefit of the Detroit Tigers, 108-54, defeating their adversary, the Toronto Blue Jays with a number of 15 games. 4-1 was the score that brought the Detroit Tigers the cup for the World Series, defeating the San Diego Padres. Another reason for placing this team in the best baseball teams top is the fact that four starting pitchers managed to make a record of over 100 strikesouts by the end of the season. As for the players, Lou Withaker, Lance Parrish, Alan Trammell, these are just a few famous names in the baseball arena.

Baseball is one of the greatest games of all times, with fans all over the world. Regardless of victories or loses, famous players and coaches, the debate around which team is the best one still remains open. Also, the expert consults are taken seriously by the 인터넷 카지노 so that they can make maximum money by their predictions.


People nowadays get involved in these sports in a very different way. This sport is played on the ground and people find it interesting there too but when they start making money out of it without being a part of the game there the main change takes place. It happens when they bet money on the game and the players in the casinos or on the online modes too. 

Sports Betting Using Common Sense

Millions of people go with mega888 download to wager on professional sports activities. In fact, in the world of wagering, it is among the handful of domains where bets may be placed that are consistently advantageous to the bettor. Whenever a wager is placed on a given team in a given game, the gambler has a level 50-50 chance to win. Pretty good considering most of the alternative games of probability.

Given that those with a curiosity in this article more than likely might bet on pro sports activities, it’s well worth the time to consider how you can strengthen on those generally even odds. In fact, it only makes good sense to tip the odds a tad bit more in favor of the bettor. Common sense requires that whenever money is on the line, go for the win.

What’s unusual regarding lots of gamblers is how fast they are to run away from tips that could very well transform them into serious winners. Even proven and guaranteed counseling can often be turned down out of hand.

Why? Fear of getting cheated and also a touch of not so well placed pride in one’s own knowledge. Typically, however, a responsible examination of said experience uncovers meager dividends on this personalized self-promotion.

Putting anxiety aside momentarily, it isn’t a risk to research alternatives and it could in fact result in the finding of skills that would greatly improve a gambler’s capability to win. Taking into consideration supplemental products that can generate greater outcomes really is simply an issue of common sense.

This points to the significance of exactly what to look for in the professional sports gambling world that provides an extra advantage to the bettor. What follows is a summary of key items to seek out when seeking to make a lot more money gambling the pros.

  1. As trite as it seems, a highly recognized, successful, and broadly recommended system that is centered upon reasonable data is ideal. Try to find one which has a winning track record.
  2. When countless gamblers have improved their winning percentage by employing the same aid, take an in-depth look at that resource.
  3. A valid package will present a one-time-only price for a lifetime of help.
  4. It is going to include a complete and full cash back guarantee so that once you own it and review it, you can get yourself rid of it in case you do not feel it will meet your needs. Quite simply, you’ll have nothing to lose and much better winning odds to gain.
  5. The purchase price tag will be more than reasonable for what you obtain in return.
  6. If it truly is worth it will also supply some extra rewards at no extra cost.
  7. Importantly, it must be very user-friendly and not call for any prerequisite abilities. It should give such knowledge

The gospel truth here is not rocket science. Gamblers who wager on professional sporting activities already are in the game. Their money is presently on the line. If they can implement tips that enhance their ability to win, it’s only simple logic that these people would certainly do so. Particularly when that information included iron-clad cash back guarantee. To paraphrase, an established bettor would have nothing to lose and would possess a great chance to profit far more frequently.

For those who regularly place wagers on pro sports, there will never be a lack of chance to wager on sports competition. Irrespective of the method that you go about it, with any luck, you will constantly succeed a lot more than you lose. Best of luck!

A Few Online Casino Key Tips

Online casinos can be played in numerous ways from casual spins to hardcore table bets. However, most online casino players can benefit from remembering a few key tips…..

Stake smart

Always approach online casino gaming with a plan and that means playing the games with a sensible budget and stake size. The key is to split a sum of ‘leisure cash’ between a number of weekly gaming sessions.

Don’t make the mistake of betting with too big a stake level, which will quickly drain your bankroll if you don’t win. Work out how many weekly or monthly sessions you’ll play than working out your session budget. Playing with a stake percentage below 5% is recommended to game with no pressure and a low level of volatility.

Play skill games

Slots, jackpot, and parlor games offer cool fun, and big jackpots ½ but try out skill gaming if you want to replicate the thrill of Las Vegas, or ultimately gain the power to reduce the casino edge and even beat the casino in the long run. Online casino games offered by judi poker such as video poker and blackjack are the games to shoot for playable with simple and complex strategy charts.

Accelerate your bankroll

Although the credit crunch has doomed stock market investors at the moment many casino gamers take to use of the investment concept of compounding to boost their potential profits. In simple terms, compounding relates to making a bigger relative profit from a starting bankroll. For example, if your casino bankroll is 100.00, you may decide to bet with 1.00 per spin or round and continue betting with 1.00 if you manage to reach a bank of 200.00 or more. However, with compound betting, you may re-calculate your bet size based on your bank so 1% with a bank of 200.00 would rise to 2.00 per stake.

Although the profit level is potentially much higher with compound online casino betting the ‘relative risk’ is the same.

Play slots with live casino ‘bonus winnings’

Unless you’re a real casino skill gamers it could make sense to play-up your live casino bonuses session winning on the slots. Why? Well, once you’ve banked a deposit bonus or won during one of the generous free-play online casino bonus sessions you need to play the bonus winnings through a certain volume of casino rounds or spins (essentially to stop people withdrawing cash without ever playing). Now, different online casino games have different value during play-through sessions, for example, slots may have 100% play-through while video poker and blackjack may have 50% or 70%. The reason web casinos offer different play-through levels is usually due to the luck and skill involved in the games (for example, pro gamers could play video poker bonus winnings and have a high chance of winning big!). In contrast, the luck-based element of games such as slots can’t be played with real skill. However, unless you’re already experienced in skill and strategy gaming 100% play-through games are your best chance of transferring bonus winnings into your main account.

Poker Opponents Poker Player Types Defined

How can I get women poker players– especially NEW players to remember the different poker opponents so that they can leverage their play against them?

Easy! I’ll use pictures and references from Magic Mike. Done.

Okay… when you’re done fantasizing, let’s get on with the poker lesson… I’ll wait…

Poker Opponents & Poker Player Types

There are many different “types” of poker players out there. And even though this is the case, when you’re at the poker tables or online, you’ll usually be able to put your poker opponents into one of five main categories. The reason this is important (for those of you who are new to the game) is because you will have to adjust your play and strategy based on the specific poker opponent (or opponents) you’re involved in a hand with. Just like judi bola terpercaya, you need to be strategic when playing this game.

That is… if you want to maximize your winnings.

The five basic poker opponents are “the Fish”, “the Nit”, “the Maniac”, “the Rock” & “the Expert”… and knowing the specifics of each will give you an edge. So without further ado…

  1. The Fish

Also affectionately known as a “calling station” (because these players habitually check and call every hand), these players are easy to peg. They are too loose preflop (play too many hands), rarely raise (do not extract value from their better hands), and are delightfully passive (newbies or pansies).

These players are plentiful and will act as the main donators to you and your growing bankroll.

Fish will often give away the strength of their hand by betting impulsively and out of turn when they have an actual hand and passively checking and/or calling otherwise. Fish seem to have a hard time folding any hand until the river, so take advantage of value betting your good hands against them.

Lastly, fish aren’t usually big bluffers. If a fish is betting and raising– it is probably wise to give him credit for a legitimate hand unless you have good reason to believe otherwise.

Tips on playing the Fish:

  • You’ll want to seek “the fish” out and play them as much as possible.
  • If you’re at a table with no fish then it’s probably time to leave that table (unless something yummier is there of course).
  • When a fish enters the pot ahead of you, you may want to open up your preflop range and raise a few more hands in order to force the other players to fold and get the fish all to your self! (Otherwise known as “isolating”)
  • If possible, sit to the left of the fish.
  • Respect a fish who suddenly starts betting/raising.
  • Value bet your better hands against them.
  1. The Nit

Nits appear to have some slightly extreme tendencies. They are very tight preflop– playing only the hands at the top of their range (they only play really good hands). It is for this reason that they may appear to be overly aggressive at times. In actuality, they are likely playing aggressive because their hand is a premium one (justified aggression vs. maniacal aggression). So their hands are to be respected in general.

These players are NOT donators like the fish, so don’t expect to make too much money from them. Taking advantage of nits is easy, however, because they are easy to steal the blinds from, put on a hand and bully out of a pot when they miss. Unlike fish, nits can find a fold.

Tips on playing the Nit:

  • Steal the blinds (when applicable) liberally from these players.
  • Bully them out of hands when they miss
  • Sit to their right
  1. The Maniac

These are the Tasmanian devils at the table. Whatever their reason or rationale– crazy, drunk, or “just having fun”, these players are out of control. They are extremely loose (play WAY too many hands) and ridiculously aggressive (raising just because they can). When these players are running hot they can amass a ton of money in a given session, but for the most part they are spewing their money away one inflated pot at a time. Not uber-common, it is a near orgasmic experience when one DOES sit down at your table and you are the beneficiary of his lunacy. Since you know what he’s going to do when it’s his turn to act– (he’s going to bet or raise)… take advantage of this knowledge and use his tactics against him.

Playing against a maniac is a treat you will learn to savor… all the way to the bank. Enjoy.

Tips on playing a maniac:

  • Just like a fish, you want to isolate a maniac!
  • Unlike a fish, a maniac’s aggression does not equate to a strong holding– he’s just aggressive for aggression’s sake.
  • Be more inclined to call down this player with your mediocre made hands–which have a decent shot of winning against his range.
  • Make sure to bet, raise, or reraise with your stronger hands in order to maximize your winnings
  1. The Rock

Solid, solid, solid– hence the name. The rock is the “ABC” poker player. Almost robotic in his predictability, the rock is a good player– but not an expert. The only trick up a rock’s sleeve is that he “knows what he’s doing”… almost.

The fact that there is little adaptability and deception to his game makes him less profitable at tables where he finds himself outclassed. But a rock can and will hold his own at the plethora of fishy tables where his knowledge of the basics and handle on his emotions gives him a decisive edge.

Tips on playing the Rock:

  • This player is not giving his money away. He’s best to avoid getting involved with (at the poker table that is).
  1. The Expert

An expert poker player is able to adapt with the ebb and flow of any given poker game. They are quick to identify their opponents leaks and weaknesses and exploit them fully.

Expert players not only have a handle on every aspect of the game, but a deep understanding. They are able to use this to their advantage on many levels and (if they use proper bankroll management and keep their ego in check) they are very VERY wealthy poker players.

Lottery Numbers In Canada Become The Next Winner

Many people ask: how do you pick possible winning lottery numbers in Canada, with so many games available? The truth is: you need to pick one game first before you can even begin on contemplating what numbers to pick. After all, not all lottery games are alike. For example: lotto 6/49 may be played almost the same way as ALC (Atlantic Lottery Canada). In fact, it both games utilize the same playing cards and can even be played at the same time, using only one bet. But the prize money varies greatly, as with the payout option and its corresponding winning number histories.

Regional lottery games also have a few playing rules that are slightly different from one another – from Western Extra, to Atlantic TAG, to Ontario Encore, etc. Games like the 6/42, 6/27 and 6/49 may have the same format, but there are also other options like the Super 7 that may make a lot of difference when it comes to finding winning lottery numbers in Canada. At the same time, the set pattern for the winning tickets varies also per lottery game type. And you need to study previous winning lottery numbers to calculate what possible numerical combinations might come up.

Nonetheless, there are some basic ground rules to cover in case you are playing the lottery. And knowing how to play is just as important as knowing when to play and what numbers you should use. Here are some tips on how to become the potential winner for the next few lottery draws. You can also use some tips here when playing ดาวน์โหลด allbet.

  1. Nix some of the playing options in some games. These aforementioned options are: the lucky pick and advance draws. First of all, the lucky pick option has never generated any winning number… in the entire history of lotto games worldwide. And that means you are squandering your money away on a bet with 0% chances of winning. Choose your own combination of numbers because these would have more chances of winning than anything that the lucky pick option will give you.

Technically, there is nothing wrong with choosing advance draws. However, seasoned and successful lottery players know that careful consideration is needed per draw so that the pattern of winning numbers can be studied. If you stake your money on advanced draws, you somewhat lessen your chances of winning because you are already disregarding the next few draws. If you feel like you have a system working for you, then stick to playing one draw date at a time. This will save you money while you take note of the next winning combinations.

  1. Choose your numbers with care. Random selection in lottery numbers is the norm. But if you want to bring home the bacon, so to speak, try not to choose that randomly. Try to study some of the emerging patterns with previous winning lottery numbers. You will notice that there is almost a balance between odd and even numbers; as well as low (1 to 25) and high (25 and above) numbers.

Patterned sets are almost non-existent in winning entries. This means that any number combination with any kind of pattern that links them together are surefire guarantees of major loses. It would be wise not create any pattern at all. Examples of patterned bets are: 5-10-15-20-25-30, 1-2-3-4-5-6, 2-4-12-14-22-24, etc.

Playing To Your Blackjack Style

Every player plays a little bit differently then the next player, but for the most part you’re able to put yourself into one of three playing styles. Once you’re able to place yourself into a certain playing style then you can start taking advantage of your playing style so that you can profit the most. In this article we’re looking at tournament play rather then table play and you need to keep this in mind. The first thing you need to do is determine which playing style you are so read below to find out where you fit in.

Luck Players

If you’re a blackjack or judi slot player that relies on luck or gut feelings then you fit into this playing style. I don’t personally recommend this style, but I know for a fact that many blackjack player’s especially new player’s tend to rely more on luck and gut feelings rather than blackjack strategy. It’s not a terrible playing style to use, but when you’re not hitting the gut plays then you might need to reconsider your playing style before your bankroll is depleted.

Counter Players

For those of you who are good at mathematics you might be able to come up with a counting strategy. There are already a lot of players that are using counting strategies to there advantage and this is where I fit in personally. You’ll need to work on developing your counting strategy, I use the simple +1/-1 strategy to keep a count on the deck. If you count cards in anyway shape or form then you need to make sure that you don’t get caught doing it and you stay discreet. Also be weary about dropping large bets when the deck is in your favor, make sure it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary or staff may start suspecting you of counting. This playing style has the most amount of strategy involved in it and you might need to practice for awhile before mastering the art. It’s an excellent style to learn to play though as it offers the best advantage for winning.

Psychological Players

Players who use there mental game in blackjack online tournaments are dropped into this playing style and it can be a great style for tournament play. As you know you’re playing against other player’s in blackjack tournaments rather then against the dealer which means you can bring the mental aspect into play. If you can play against certain players on a consistent basis then you’ll begin to adapt to there game which will allow you to get inside there heads. You’ll also learn there betting patterns which will allow you to make the big bets when there needed so that you win the tournament.

These are the three playing styles that all blackjack players can be categorized under in tournament play and it’s vital to your success that you find out which style you fit into. Once you realize which playing style you take after then you’ll be able to learn the tips and strategies in order to excel in your playing style.

Debunked Poker Myths You Thought Were Fact – Know about the facts and myths

Poker is a popular form of gambling that millions of people around the world take part in. In conventional poker games, you would usually head down to your preferred casino and join a game at one of the many poker tables on offer.

Understanding the facts and myths is essential to play คาสิโน ออนไลน์ ได้เงินจริง มือถือ and get a pleasant experience. The playing of the poker games is with the skills and intelligence of the gamblers. Bonuses and rewards are more in comparison to the offline casino. 

Thanks to the marvel of technology, it is now possible to play online poker games. Some games are for free whereas others play for money. It’s not uncommon for people to play pokers not just with their computers, but with smartphones and tablets too.

As with most things in life, there are plenty of myths surrounding the game of poker. The aim of today’s blog post is debunk some of the most-common myths. If you are serious about being the best at poker, read on to find out more!

Myth: the “best” player always wins

One rather annoying myth that surrounds the casino game poker is how the best player will always win each game. It’s as though there are a select few people in the world that know certain secrets about poker that you don’t!

But here’s the thing; even so-called good players lose at poker. Like most forms of gambling, poker is a game of chance.

It’s true that one must apply a certain strategy to playing poker. The truth is there is no strategy that will always guarantee a win for you, no matter how good you are at poker!

One thing that you must bear in mind is that the house always has the advantage. Of course, that doesn’t mean you will never win a game. If that were the case, no-one would ever play poker again!

Myth: you can earn a living from Playing Poker

That statement would be true if you had a limitless supply of cash and no bills or expenses to worry about in your life!

But in the real world, you need to have a more “steady” way of earning a living. Poker is a casino game that is just meant to be a fun pastime. It is not a career choice.

The mistake that a lot of poker players make is thinking that they can earn a living by just playing poker all day long. When you make poker an obsession rather than a hobby, you start to get desperate. You make mistakes, and those mistakes will cost you lots of money.

Some folks will even chase their losses. But all they end up doing is losing more money. If you wanted to make a career out of it, don’t. Stick with your day job and play another casino game for fun, like blackjack for example.

There are plenty of safe online blackjack sites you can go on, and many offer free games, so you needn’t spend any money at all.

Myth: only math Geniuses win Poker

Again, this is another stereotype where people assume only certain “types” of poker players will win games.

I won’t lie to you; it pays to have some basic math skills. But you don’t need to get a university degree to know how to play poker! The game is quite centered around probability. If you can master your probability skills, you will win more than you lose.

Go Wild Casino The Home Of Fantastic Online Slots

It’s no secret that online slots have won over the hearts of millions of casino players worldwide. Reasons are more than obvious: the possibility of choosing between hundreds, if not thousands, of variants, the simplicity of the rules, the great themes backed up by amazing sound effects and symbols, the level of comfort their provide as you can play them from your own home – all these contributed to the fame of this particular type of game. And they deserve it!

There are excellent features available at daftar slot games to have effective results. The choosing of the games is with proper approach to get more winnings. The checking of the themes and reels is essential to have more profits and benefits. There are more winnings available to the players. 

Online slots at Go Wild Casino

Quality entertainment isn’t that hard to find now in the online era. But for a truly qualitative pastime while playing online slots we suggest Go Wild Casino – the home of exceptional online casino entertainment.

Their palette of online slots is quite impressive, over 250 to be exact, and boredom is definitely not an option! This main category is also divided into 4 more sub-categories for an easier search and find:

  • Video slots
  • Classic slots
  • Fruit slots
  • Vegas slots

While classic slots and fruit slots are the ones who’ve always been popular amongst new players, there has been a change in their preferences, as more and more seem to go for the video slots and even progressive slots categories.

Classic slots are 3 reel and 5 reel slots, with an old-school feel and pretty basic functions and rules. If you’re part of the players who prefer some fun like in the good old days then this is the category in which you’d fit in just right. Go Wild Casinofeatures plenty of classic slots games, including: Big 5, Ocean 7, Couch Potato, City of Gold, Diamond Deal, Gladiators Gold, Cool buck, Joker 8000, Wheel of Wealth, Triple Magic, Lions Share, Rock the Boat, Pharaoh’s Fortune, Rings & Roses, Flower Power, Reels Royce, and many, many more.

Fruit slots are also an old-time classic which never seems to go out of style. Players in search for this type of slots are welcome to try out Go Wild’s fruit slots category, which contains: Big Kahuna, Big Kahuna Snakes and Ladders, Froot Loot, Fruit Salad, Big Break, Fruit Fiesta and so on.

Vegas Slots are a category you simply can’t ignore, especially if you’re a high-roller. If you miss the glitz and glam of Las Vegas casinos but still don’t want to leave your home, get into the luxurious atmosphere laid out by Go Wild and play their amazing Vegas slots. These include: Cherry Red, Retro Reels Diamond Glitz, Hot Shot, Break da Bank, Break da Bank again and many other exquisite slots.

Last but not least is Go Wild Casino’svideo slots category. Containing more than 150 video slot games, this category is bound to get you hooked. Sporting the most popular slots in the industry, Go Wild’s video slots category contains more than just games – they seem to be the most popular pastime. From the newest online slots in the gaming industry to the most popular ones, you’ll enjoy Microgaming’s finest creations: the worldwide favorite Game of ThronesTM, Jurassic Park, Max Damage, Red Hot Devil, Immortal Romance, Mega Moolah, Avalon and many others.

Go Wild Casino features not only the latest online slots additions but also the absolute best in the industry, the more reasons to create an account and let yourself be pampered by their exclusive offers and means of entertainment.

Which Casino Games Are The Most Popular – Learn about them

When you think casino, what comes to mind right away are the games that you can play there. And when you think casino games, the first thing that pops up in your mind is of course, the slot machines and poker like at sites such as . Who could ever forget this exciting machine and its popular ringing sound when you hit the jackpot. The young and the old alike can play it with much ease just by simply dropping tokens and pulling a lever or pushing a button. If you’re lucky enough, the slot machine will spit out tokens as your prize. Experts suggest that the best slot machines to use are those near change booths and near the end of a row. Slots near change booths usually pay bigger while those near the end of a row usually pay the biggest. Casinos normally place high paying slots in areas where a lot of people can see you win thereby convincing them to play more.

You bet, among the most popular casino games are those that involve cards. Of the card games, blackjack and poker are the most widely-played. Undoubtedly, blackjack is the most frequently played card and table game in casinos nowadays. This may be so because it is one of the easiest games to learn and play. Blackjack is different from other casino games because it is based on what they call “dependent trial processes.” This means that the odds keep changing depending on the cards played in previous hands. Also, unlike other table games, players must come up with a playing decision only after making their bet instead of before.

If necessary, then you can Visit Website for the playing of the slot games. The facing of the challenges will become simple with collecting complete information about the games. There is consistent change in the odds for the playing of games. You need to collect information about them. 

Poker is another popular card game especially among frequent gamblers. This game entails players to bet into a communal pot and the one holding the best hand (highest ranking poker) at the end of the betting gets to take the pot. Poker is normally played with using a 52-card deck with four suits although a joker or other wild cards may be added. It has various betting rounds combined with the replacement of cards.

The game of roulette is also popular in casinos because it is easy to play. The dealer will just spin the roulette wheel counter clockwise while a small white ball bounces around the wheel in the opposite direction until it stops in one of the 38 slots on the wheel. The slot where that ball stopped is the winning number. If you bet on the number where that ball stopped, then you win – that simple.

Improving Your Poker Mindset

I often feel that less is more when it comes to playing poker for profits. The less you struggle the more money you make and the simpler the strategy then the better you tend to do. I have gone down both routes in the past of playing complex poker and simple poker and I don’t think I made any more money playing complex than what I did playing simply. Now clearly these are generalisations and they tend not to help us in a large way. However I like the simpler way of playing poker these days and that means playing lower stake levels and multi-tabling them.

This isn’t a glamorous way to play poker but this is just where the majority of poker players need to concentrate. Games like daftar slot online require concentration. Remember that an earn rate of 5ptbb/100 is a very solid earn rate and that means 10bb/100. The next question is how much volume can you handle? Imagine a crazy situation where you could handle 100 tables at 75 hands per hour per table. This would mean that you would be playing 7500 hands per hour and making 750bb/hour at $0.50 per big blind. So an astonishing $375 per hour all from playing NL50.

Of course these are pie in the sky figures and not attainable but it does bring up the argument that the way to make a lot of money playing poker is to use a simple style and try to replicate that style on as many tables as possible. You simply have to push the barriers in terms of how many tables you play for two key reasons. Firstly if you don’t then you will not make as much money if you are beating your level solidly. Secondly this then places you into a situation where the only way that you can make more money is to play higher levels.

However this doesn’t help us either because at higher levels then our earn rate will fall in terms of bb/100. When our earn rate falls then this means that our edge is thinner and when that happens then variance and standard deviation increase. So playing higher levels doesn’t automatically mean that we will make more money because our opponents will be making fewer mistakes. This is how professional traders make their money; they trade very high volume and very marginal edges.

However if we try to do this at higher stake levels then we will suffer for one simple reason, this is because our opponents are not only sophisticated but will be able to see our actions directly. In financial trading then the money is pooled and so you never really know who is trading and for how much unless you are an industry expert. In poker though you can keep notes on your opponents and watch them intently.

At lower stakes though then your opponents play in a more simple way and this allows simple strategies to work. To see how this is the case then we can take a look at the game noughts and crosses. A simple strategy of always starting in the centre square and countering your opponent who has moved in the centre by moving into one of the corners either beats your opponent or doesn’t allow them to win.