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How I made $5000 A Month As A Break Even Poker Player

The Tagpoker Top Team is the ultimate group of low stakes grinders from Tagpoker that have been hand picked to fast track their way up the stakes with the help of Brokerstar and Borg.

These players will be staked, managed and mentored from the micros right up to the upper mid stakes and beyond. This may sound exactly what you think you need to help you move up but this is certainly not for the faint hearted. We expect huge volume, setting aside time for lessons at least once a week and results.

This is not an offer for losing or breakeven players this offer is for players that have used all of the tools on this site and started beating their games over a decent sample size for a bare minimum of 5% ROI (the higher, the more likely you’ll be picked).

Even if you have the results that we have asked for this will not be an automatic entry. We’re looking for people that are active in the Tagpoker forums, helpful, friendly and have shown dedication to their own ongoing want to improve.

If you think you deserve to be a member of the Tagpoker Top Team and want to find out more about exactly what’s needed of you in terms of our expectations then read about our full terms in this forum thread and post your results to date with a reason why we should pick you?

Blazing_Saddler is from the UK and joined tagpoker back in March 2010. He was originally self taught for the most part just learning from the videos that are on the site as well as making the most out of the Tagpoker forums.

It’s clear to see that Blazing was crushing the $5 and $10 games. Brokerstar knew that he could be a real force in the higher stake games and so chose him to become the first member of this elete team to help him reach his potential, much faster.

Blazing was moved right into the $50 games and will now be playing at least five times higher than he ever has and with Brokerstar and Borg right there behind him he really has nothing to worry about if he continues to work hard. We’re sure those five figure earning months are not too far away.

Mr Corbishley is the second member of the Tagpoker Top Team. He was a former student of Brokerstar and he got his coaching through the FREE coaching options

Mr Corbishley instantly improved his game after the coaching and just turned heads with very impressive low stakes results.

In most cases being a member of the Top Team is partly results and partly commitment to the site by way of participation in the forums but Brokerstar and Borg agreed that Mr Corbishley was showing the potential to be a true force in the higher stakes games and a solid member of the team.

We’re sure that if he continues to apply himself and make the most of the weekly coaching that he’ll be playing in the $100 and $200 HUSNG’s in no time at all. As long as he continues to hit the targets set for him there will be nothing holding him back from getting to the top as fast as possible.

Aggysb Joined Tagpoker and became one of Brokerstars students in April 2010. He started off with a $12 bankroll and played the $2 games, under rolled.

Brokerstars has emerged as a popular outcome because people are initially swayed with the cheap offer of $2 but only realize the benefits of playing through an entire level playing field when they come to terms with the fact that this isn’t as simple as say Bandarqq and involves a lot more to learn before starting out.

Aggysb is fiercely competitive and really wants to be playing and beating much higher stakes. It’s for this reason an his continued effort to help others on the site with continual particiation in the forums that he has been staked by the Top Team to play $100 deep stack games on Full Tilt.

If Aggsyb continues to master this form of the game and manages to play and beat the best at these stakes then you’ll very shortly see him rolled for the high stakes games in the very near future.

A big well done to Tagpoker member z1s6arn. He’s done really well crushing the micro games for a huge win rate that Borg and I have decided to stake and mentor him through the higher stakes.

Now he will be moving up from the $2 games to the $20’s and no doubt far beyond that still. He’s also been active, polite and helpful in the Tagpoker forum which is always a big factor for being chosen.

Incredible Poker World Stories Taking Place in November

Sometimes the poker world is affected by incredible events. Every month we learn about people going to extreme measures to return a card debt or hear about the strange behaviour in a casino. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes not. November was no exception. Here are some of the most vivid events worthy of your attention.

One of the largest poker establishments was subjected to armed robbery. According to the police, at about 3.45 a.m. local time on 28 November, a white man entered Bellagio, approached the cashier’s cage inside the hall, and demanded money. After that, he left the room with a certain amount of cash. The robber was armed with a pistol and wore a mask. He disappeared in a Chevrolet Cruze car which was soon found by law enforcers. No one got hurt. 48 hours after the incident, the police are still looking for the criminal.

The Man Was Handed a Sentence for Organizing High Rollers in Brooklyn

The federal judge sentenced the organizer of the underground poker games in Brooklyn to a year in prison. 33-year-old Isak Aronov is one of nine people who were charged in November 2016. Among other crimes charged to this group are racketeering, extortion, usury, and drug trafficking. In the Ministry of Justice, the gang is called an Eastern European mafia syndicate. Aronov, according to the investigation, was engaged in knocking out debts from underground poker games under threat of reprisal. According to the feds’ information, the total amount of bets was up to $150,000. In a separate act in August, several of the nine mentioned individuals were charged with deliberately burning a building where their competitors played poker games. While playing at poker online site, a separate budget should be prepared to get the advantages in investment of the money. The participation in the leagues and tournaments should be great with the skills and intelligence of the players. The selection of the poker card game should enhance the experience of the players. 

The Casino Owner Claims to be Tired and Drunk When Losing $3 Million in a Scandalous Poker Session

In early November, a legal battle broke out between two wealthy poker players. One of them filed a counterclaim on the original lawsuit brought against him in the summer. Australian pro Matt Kirk says in his lawsuit that the owner of the Czech casino Leon Tsoukernik owes him $2 million which he lent to him during a poker session in late May at the Aria casino in Las Vegas. A few months later Tsoukernik filed a counterclaim, claiming that Kirk had taken advantage of his inadequate condition. According to Tsoukernik, he was treated to alcoholic beverages which was enough to get him drunk and deprive of concentration as well as to encourage continuing to play for large sums.

The Pastor Robbed the Same Casino Three Times Before Being Caught

According to the police of Las Vegas, the local pastor tempted fate in the Las Vegas casino several times. Law enforcers arrested Gregory Bolusan at the Penn National Gaming M Resort for attempting to rob an establishment for about $33,000. The police said that the pastor went to the cashier’s cage and, threatening with a dummy gun, demanded to give him money. Interestingly, this was Bolusan’s third attempt to rob the same casino within the last three months. The first took place at the end of August. Bolusan serves as senior pastor at the Grace Bible Church in Las Vegas.

A Nude Man Tried to Register for a Poker Game at a Las Vegas Casino

The attention of poker players in one of the largest gambling establishments in Las Vegas was attracted by a completely naked man, pacing around the hall. All present in the poker room of Bellagio casino watched how an unknown player was surrounded by guards and forced to put on clothes that he kept in his hands all the time closing his pelvic area. According to other players, the naked man intended to make a buy-in to participate in the game.

Continuation Bet – Have You applied it?

This is a beginners guide to the continuation bet. There is a lot of misconception about what a continuation bet is, when to use it, when not to, how much to bet and why. With the introduction of Poker Online site, the placing of the staked over the card games has become simple for the players. All the misconceptions are cleared through the experts for placing of the stakes from home with continuity. 

A continuation bet is exactly as the name implies, a bet made to continue the aggression a players made from the start of a hand. So for example lets say you raise or re-raise pre flop, a continuation bet would be betting on the flop, regardless of whether you connected to the flop or not.

When to use a continuation bet

Many new poker players that learn the concept of continuation betting normally go right ahead, start applying it, see a few immediate results picking up pots then naively over use it and end up losing money.

The continuation bet works best in heads up pots on a dry flop (when you’re betting after missing the flop). A dry flop is essentially a flop that has no draws (flush or straight) and maybe one high card, for example: King-hearts 2-spades and the 9-clubs.

The reason that the continuation bet works is because you and your opponent will miss the flop nearly 70% of the time and if you have the lead in the hand (taking control of the betting pre flop and therefore representing a strong hand) you will get your opponent to fold most of the time when they have nothing (which is more often than not).

When you find yourself in this situation (ie heads up, dry board) you’ll be able to bet less in relation to the pot size (half/ two thirds pot) with your continuation bets as it’ll be tougher for your opponent to have a hand to continue with, thus making your c-bet bluffing more profitable.

When to not use a continuation bet

Ok so for this scenario we are going to assume that you were the raiser pre flop and you have missed the flop with a hand like AK (ace, king) for example.

Firstly if we have been called by lots of other players who happen to be quite loose (likely to call our continuation bet) and we are early to act in the hand post flop then it will probably be better to check the hand and hope it gets checked round and if it doesn’t, simply fold to a bet.

The second situation may be if you have more than one pre flop caller again and the flop is very co-ordinated (flush and straight draws on the board). Or a flop that is likely to hit the caller’s range of hands. For example a flop of Queen – hearts, J – hearts and 9 – clubs is a flop that hits a calling range rather well and will often give one of your opponents a pair, pair plus a draw or a strong draw. In these cases you may also think twice about making a continuation bet as it will again get folds less often than you want to show a profit.

However if you flop a strong hand and the flop is co-ordinated then you actually want to c-bet and c-bet strong (big bets) in order to charge people for drawing against you, denying them the correct odds to call. All of this is broad hypothetical advice as a lot of your decision making will also depend heavily on how your opponents have been playing.The situations covered here are mainly when you’re continuation betting as a bluff, (when you miss the flop) but you’ll also be continuation betting a lot when you hit the flop. My advice is to always keep your bet sizing in relation to the pot size as this keeps your bluffs and value bets approximately the same size thus making yourself much harder to read as a player.

Now when I say make them the same size, I mean based on the flop texture (smaller on dry flops, bigger on co-ordinated flops). Go and experiment with the continuation bet, we will look at more advanced applications of the continuation bet in future poker lessons.

Carbon Poker Review

Carbon Poker evolved from the team as a way to accept US players. Traffic is still building and so the poker room is improving everyday in terms of finding the games you like. The graphics and customer support don’t need to improve, they are outstanding. As are the range of online poker games and side games. You won’t be disappointed with this online poker room.

Carbon Poker evolved out of the camp because of the inability of the latter to accept poker plays from the US. Hence, Carbon Poker is part of the Merge Gaming Network who allow US players and whilst this online poker room has only been around since late 2007 the team behind it have plenty of experience. Things should only get better for this poker room and network as the traffic increases.

Simply put, the software behind Carbon Poker is amazing. If you are not impressed by the overall usability of the poker room software then I don’t know what else they could do for you. Being Flash based and with the graphics being vector images (don’t worry you don’t need to understand how it works) it means when adjusting the size of the table it doesn’t blur. It stays as crisp as ever, regardless of the size you choose. There’s some good customisations such as sounds, messages and graphics such as chat icons. For playing at poker room at Jasahoki88, the reviews should be checked from the online search engines. The overall impression of the poker room should be positive and great players for increased engagement. The size of the table should be suitable to get the required benefits and results. 

All the usual features and statistics are available including note taking, flop percentages, pot sizes and hands player per hour. This last one might be useful if you are taking advantage of playing at 8 ring games tables simultaneously. You can do this in separate windows or using the mini view feature. The one downside is the hand history can’t be exported.

Traffic is still building and at the time of this review there’s over 1000 players in the ring games. New online poker rooms tend to attract new poker players, as the established ones already know where they like to play. Of course this also provides a good opportunity for the experienced players to find some pretty loose games and grab a profit. This tends to be at the low stakes tables. Texas Hold’em is the most popular and with the large range of games on offer if one of the others is more your style then you should be able to find a game. In addition to the Omaha Hi/Lo and stud games there are others such as five card draw, seven card draw, H.O.R.S.E. Razz, Ace to Five Lowball, Deuce to Seven Lowball and Badugi.

Carbon Poker also offers one of the largest range of side games and these include blackjack, roulette (single zero not the lower odds double zero usually found) caribbean stud, video poker and backgammon. If you’re a poker player who isn’t that interested in slots then sign up with Carbon Poker and you won’t need to bother about a casino because all the other good games are available in one place. And don’t discount the single zero roulette as a much better option than most of the online casinos.

Less traffic tends to mean less tournament options and Carbon Poker is no exception. Expect this to change though, as the traffic builds. That said, there are still many low to medium buy-in poker tournaments so there are options. Add to that the daily and monthly freerolls plus a few satellites where you can build up to a decent tournament for very little outlay if you are successful.

Support is offered via a couple of methods with email and live chat available. No telephone support but with live chat I guess it isn’t 100% necessary. Support is accurate and responsive which comes from having a decent team behind the poker room and also being one that caters to new players and not just the experienced ones.

In addition to the normal credit card deposit/withdrawal options there are a bunch of online wallet solutions that can be used, ranging from the standards such as NETeller and Moneybookers to EcoCard, Click2Pay, eWalletXpress, Fonelinx and Just be aware that not all methods are available to all players. For example, US players are prohibited from using NETeller. Which is a pity because everyone else gets to enjoy the instant payouts offered by NETeller.

There’s too many bonuses and promotions to list here, however, suffice to say there are enough to keep you happy. Start with the initial deposit bonus of 100% up to $500 plus an entry into a $1000 freeroll and entry for 14 days into the $500 freerolls for new players. As with all bonus and promotion offers be sure to check the conditions so there is no doubt about how to earn them. Loyalty points are accumulated as you play and these can be appied against other promos and tournament buy-ins.

10 Reasons Video Games Are Better Than Movies

Years ago, just about all young people were spending their weekends at the movie theaters or browsing 먹튀사이트. Even though the movie industry isn’t exactly hurting at the box office or DVD sales, there is now a new hip thing to do on weekends, play video games. Most weekends I prefer to play video games. Quantum Solace or Fallout 3? That movie about making the porno or Fable 2? Please. Video games are so much better than movies these days and here are ten reasons why:

Reason #1 That Video Games are Better than Movies: Hours of Fun

Let’s say you rent a movie or go to a movie theater. Hopefully, you made a good choice and you’ll be in for 2 to 2 and a half hours of fun. Most video games easily exceed 2 to 2 and a half hours of gameplay.

Reason #2 That Video Games are Better than Movies: Better Conversation

After watching movie friends can talk about how much they liked this part and how much they liked this character. They can compare the movie to the sequel or another similar movie. After playing a video game friends can do all those same things but also talk about how they beat a certain boss, or what decisions they made with their characters. There is, even more, to talk about video games than there is with movies.

Reason #3 That Video Games are Better than Movies: Better Price

Going to a movie at the theater and buying a drink and popcorn will probably run you close to the cost of buying a movie on DVD or more. This is cheaper than buying a video game at $60 but like I said before with a movie you are getting 2 to 3 hours of fun. With most video games you’re getting a lot more and the price is worth it.

Reason #4 That Video Games are Better than Movies: Better Stories

There are some pretty good movies that are out there that go unknown. They are “Oscar type” movies or independent movies or even foreign films. But most people don’t watch those. Most people watch Indiana Jones 4, Iron Man, Pineapple Express, Tropic Thunder, etc. The stories in these movies pale in comparison to Metal Gear Solid, Fallout, Gears of War, Halo, Final Fantasy. Even games like Mario have good stories that are no longer just a 2 or 3 page summary in the instruction booklet.

Reason #5 That Video Games are Better than Movies: Sequels

I know that a lot of people liked Indiana Jones 4 better than me but I bet if you ask somebody that was a fan of Indiana Jones and Fallout they would have to admit that Fallout 3 is the better sequel. If you asked a fan of Indiana Jones and Gears of War which had the better sequel this year it would be Gears of War. Sequels are just done better in video games. When video game companies make sequels they do their best to make it better. When movie companies make sequels they do their best to do as little work as possible and churn out the same crap over and over again.

Reason #6 That Video Games are Better than Movies: Anticipated Games

The most anticipated games of the year are usually good games. There are some exceptions but they usually don’t disappoint. Grand Theft Auto 4 was a hit so was Metal Gear, Fallout, Spore, and so on. But the most anticipated movies of the year are often disappointments.

Reason #7 That Video Games are Better than Movies: You are the Main Character

In movies, you get to watch the hero of the story. In video games, you get to be the hero in the story. In some games, you get to be the villain in the story which is even cooler. Video games are so advanced now that you can make decisions and those decisions will have an impact on the world around. It’s like a movie except you get to decide what happens.

Reason #8 That Video Games are Better than Movies: Comfortable Chairs

I admit that the movie theater I frequent is light years more comfortable than the movie theater I went to 10 years ago, but you don’t have recliners in the movie theater. You don’t have couches. I guess you have these things if you rent a movie at home, but the chair selection is not as good if you go to the theater.

Reason #9 That Video Games are Better than Movies: Activity

Video games are a lot more active than watching a movie. Watching a movie requires a person to sit. Today’s video games are so advanced you can exercise, play a sport or play instruments and dance. Even if you’re not playing one of those games you’re probably sitting on the edge of your seat, moving around, standing up from time to time.

Reason #10 That Video Games are Better than Movies: Extras

If you rent a movie then you do get some extras but most of them are lame. In video games, there are all kinds of extras. First of all, there are mini-games in the larger game. There are different items to unlock and now with the ability to download updates, patches, games, and other things there are tons of extras for video game fans.

Traditional Brick and Mortar Casino Vs Online Casino

Have you ever been tempted to gamble? Perhaps what drives people is the chance of a lucrative win. Gambling is an enormously successful and flourishing industry in the West and also in Asia. Slot Online Indonesia is a popular one.

Believe it or not, the number of active players go way beyond million each day. Traditional Casinos also haven’t lost popularity. 

The traditional casino is often called Brick and Mortar casino. It’s a classic gambling space physically present to play real-time with others and interact with them. It has been there before the world went Internet frenzy whereas online gambling is possible within four corners of your room and a stable internet connection. Which one would you take a shot on?

Here’s what sets them apart.

  • Bonus system: 

For promotion, most online casinos will give free coins to start. The bonus offered is in the form of credits and various deals other than cash.  You will get the best deals onSlot Online Indonesia.  In traditional Casinos, money goes from your pocket from the beginning and the bonus is in cash only.

  • Payout time: 

Brick and mortar casinos win on this one. The payment is always almost instant. Online, since many players are operating simultaneously, the withdrawal time may differ or stay pending until one complete session.

  • Profits: 

Cash profits are more in the case of Brick and mortar casinos. But profitability based on cash plus promotional deals altogether stands higher for online casinos.  Jackpot payouts are also high for online casinos.

  • Accessibility:

Online casinos are just a few clicks away and accessible throughout the day. So players from different countries play frequently. It won’t be possible for the real casino. 

An online casino will do what they are supposed to do. They are for easy money. Brick and mortar casinos are all about the experience. The music, game set up, dress code, exquisite food, and glamour of the place are what appeal.

List Top 10 Tips For Any Player To Become A Professional Online Casino Player

The concept of online gambling was introduced to people to provide convenience and comfort. People who have to travel to casinos for enjoying life can now have the same fun and entertainment sitting at their homes. They need to find a trusted and verified online casino site, register themselves on them, and start playing. Just like ordinary traditional casinos, online casinos also deal with betting. Several players are professional online casino players and earn a lot by making win moves in almost all games. The most famous of all the casino games is Poker OnlineIn this article, we will know how can someone master casino games online?


Top ten tips for becoming a professional online casino player

Given below are the top 10 tips that can help become an online casino professional player. These include:

  • Know what casino site suits you the best
  • Always read the terms and conditions before agreeing to it
  • Know everything about online gambling
  • Master the game you like the most
  • Accept the reality about luck, wins, and loss
  • Acquire enough skills and tactics to win
  • Learn the math behind the game

How to become a Poker Online master?

Poker Online is a game of cards that are played at online casinos. Some websites provide poker games with more tables and carry out tournaments based on the game. Anyone can bet here if they know the rules completely.

In the end, I would like to end up saying that betting is good in Poker Online, but without knowing all the rules and regulations, it should not be played. For beginners, there is a poker guide book with all the tricks and rules stated that are helpful while playing the game and winning it.

How PlayTech software can be used for playing casino games over mobiles?

If you are fascinated about playing mobile casino games then you should get connected with PlayTech software. You can receive quite an extensive kind of casino portfolio at PlayTech. Casino games over mobile phones are quite recent. If you want to experience an upgraded version then PlayTech is the best place to move. It is a Judi online Terpercaya and this is why most people go for it. 

 How mobile casino playing has become easier with PlayTech software?

PlayTech technology represents an open platform containing real-time contents and live support. The on-going support is important for carrying on the league games easily and efficiently. It has got many frameworks of gaming integration that basically helps in enjoying the game on your mobile in an uninterrupted manner. Its outstanding data integration can help in preserving your security especially while playing with deposits. 

Third-party wallet-integration is found out here and thus you can trust on the software for making deposits and for withdrawing rewards and bonuses. The software has boosted up the casino gaming standard to a great extent. You can now carry on with your casino games for hours. You can now receive absolutely record-breaking results with the effective usage of PlayTech. Multiple games along with multiple players can be now managed at the same platform without any kind of hassle.

It caters you the experience of a completely safe casino play. Different interesting games in live can be now played in the software. It offers best software solutions to many reputed gaming operators of the current era. Slots are being featured with unique features along with superb graphics. Different exciting casino games that can be played with the help of the software are blackjack, roulette,  scratch cards, arcade games, table games and many more. Many classic games are also included.

The Beginners Guide To Playing Pkv Games

With betting games on the rise, players are now busy taking interest in other online games too. One of the best games recognized among players is the pkv games. Described as simple to win and less complex, these games require no professional assistance and investments. In order to win the game, players must find their jackpot first. Choose your own version and start online betting today.

A few tips that can change your way of playing the game:

Basically, a minimum of 8 people is required to play the game. The game is conducted online, very much similar to a physical casino. Place your bets first and challenge the dealer. It’s never too late to make your first move. However, for beginners, a few tips can come handy:

  • This game relies on the ‘’jackpot system’’. Reach this stage and you ultimately win.
  • Any kind of game that you choose to play comes under the jackpot scheme only.
  • A minimum deposit is always required. Feel free to withdraw the deposit anytime.
  • The games can be accessed as per the security guidelines. 
  • Pick up your cards and place them perfectly. Do not miss out on minor details here.
  • Do not ignore the cards of other players.
  • Learn some basic tactics for playing the game. You never know when you skill can come to your own advantage. 
  • Winning isn’t a great deal. Focus on your goal and the jackpot is yours.

The final thought:

Pkv games have recently caught the attention of players. A simple tutorial and you are ready to play the game like a pro. However, players must find the best sites online to play the game. You can create your own account too before you place the bets. The winner is also awarded exclusive hampers!

Pinnacle 4 tips that will help you to win the online casinos conveniently! Here are the details!

 If you play the card game correctly, the online casino slot games can be a little nicer because it will help you boost your bank balance. Specifically, games like Domino QQ are worth considering, which comes with easy-to-use features and numerous more things. 

To win the casino games conveniently, it will help you consider the tips elaborated below. These tips will enable you to understand the next steps that you need to take and the advantages if you do so. Have a look at the following description to unveil these tips. Check them out:

Tips to consider while gambling online:-

  • Choose your game:

It will be helpful for you to choose the game that you think you have masters in for being at the safer side. Doing this will enable you to elevate your bank balance conveniently as you are familiar with the strategies that you need to make during the gameplay. 

  • Get familiar with strategies:

Each game requires a different strategy, which is why you need to develop different strategies for respective games. For example, slot machine games require different strategies, and rare people are aware that it will easily enable the user to win slot casino games with lower jackpot prize. 

  • Take advantages of offers:

The online casinos are having 24/7 availability of games and gamble; similarly, there are several tournaments taking place on a weekly basis. This means the users are enabled to take advantage of the authorities’ offers to make more money. 

  • Do pocket-friendly gambling:

Being at the safer side will help the Gamblers as they are unable to make the bets according to their pocket. This is how they will save money while making more of it. The Gamblers need to be in their limits while using the perfect strategy in the required situation.